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Joe Dunne

Joe Dunne is an amazing, one-in-10million singer-songwriter based in Dublin. He has a very distinctive voice that delivers his thought-provoking lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies straight to your very core.

Joe began playing music at the age of ten and moved to guitar and singing in his late teens. In his early teenage years he was present at vast amount of stadium gigs, enjoying then talents of musicians from Harry Chapin to Loudon Wainwright III, etc. As a youngster he wondered why his brothers brought him to these strange gigs - he is now eternally grateful. Joe co-formed and was lyricist with the band "SPERANZA" before finally going out on his own. He has played with many diverse musicians and has gigged Ireland, Europe and the States.


Hail Caesar was Joe's debut solo album. Instant pop appeal , but songs that have lasting life, real meaning and something to say to all who take care to listen.

Although the album is contemporary, the mix is quite fascinating - Traditional, Jazz and Rock musicians. The end product is a subtle blend, with original melodies, meaningful lyrics and long term playability.

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Art on this site and from Joe’s album covers comes from artist, musician and John Lennon schoolmate(!) - Geoff Rhynd.

Check out Geoff’s website at http://www.geoffrhind.com

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Joe has also released an EP “Flowers” and a new album has been recorded and is just awaiting final mixing and the dreaded tweaking!!

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