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Joe has been playing guitar since his teens.  More to follow…

Like to know more about some of the instruments Joe plays?


What the viola is to the violin, the mandola is to the probably better known mandolin (“Mandolin” apparently comes from the meaning “little mandola”) Unlike the mandolin (GDAE), the mandola is usually tuned  CGDA.

It’s probably Joe’s signature instrument and it’s rich deep tone is a perfect foil for both the  melodies of Joe’s own composition and a  driving beat to accompany traditional and even rock tunes.

Joe plays a Joe Foley Mandola


What do Paddy Moloney, James Galway and Andrea Corr have in common? They all play the tin whistle or “Feadóg stáin” in Irish  A simple but beautiful instrument that nearly every Irish child learns at some stage in school but one that sadly most nearly always forget later on!

Check out masters such as Brian Finnegan, Vinny Kilduff or Mary Bergin to hear this small instrument in its full glory.  Better still, listen to Joe playing a lament he wrote for his brother Dec here.


“Take Me There”    (Words and Music (c) Joe Dunne)

Filmed in studio and out on the Dublin Mountains with additional footage from Barcelona.

Official Video

Joe Dunne Live

Whether singing his own songs or covering some of his favourite artists, a session with Joe Dunne is not to be missed.

Here are some raw live videos together with the official video for “Take me there"

C79 (Cat Stevens cover)

Cat Stevens is one of Joe’s favourite artists and Joe’s voice and interpretations work perfectly with most of Stevens’ songs.  This song is “C79” which appeared on the Cat Stevens album “Buddha and the Chocolate Box”

A Cat Stevens song sung by Joe

“Kings”    (Words and Music (c) Joe Dunne)

Listen to the hard hitting lyrics and imagine the “Kings” down below in various parts of Dublin city.

Live at Three Rock Mountain!

(Lords of) THE GOLD RING  (Instrumental -Traditional)

A famous and favourite traditional tune in seven parts. Driven with more drive than you’ll hear from anyone else!!!!

Aliquam pulvinar congue pede - 000.00

“Walking down the Promenade” (Words and Music (c) Joe Dunne)

Joe has a few different versions of this lovely song but the rare Irish summer sun on this day brought out an engaging, nearly pop vibe.

Recorded in the Summer Sun